Note by note cooking brings a new vision of our diet and how we eat. It makes it possible to understand the food in its totality and thus offers the possibility of working it by expressing at best its potential. We have always cooked foods as they are, now they become pallets with hundreds of new taste compounds that can be combined to create new tastes. Odors, textures, tastes intertwine with each other for a new sensory experience.

Our work

We are looking for new ways to express feelings, memories, emotions in the cuisine daily. Each week, new notes come out of our research center to increase the possibilities of creation note by note chefs around the world.

Our own chef, totally dedicated to note-to-note cooking, is constantly developing new recipes and notes combinaisons. His researches addresses the taste aspect of note by note cooking combined with multiple sensory experiences that completely change our interaction with food.


Iqemusu transmits his knowledge and shares his passion by offering private events around note by note cooking. These events are customizable according to the desires and needs. We can do consultation, advanced training, workshop with tasting, for individuals or chefs.

We propose you to:

  • – Create new tastes from pure taste notes
  • – Combine traditional cuisine with note-to-note cooking to create something new in the dishes.
  • – Work out textures notes with innovative techniques.
  • – Change the taste of a dish by playing only on elements external to this dish for an unexpected sensory experience.


You can see the detailed content of all the training provided by Iqemusu.

Iqemusu note by note cooking training catalog

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