The notes

All the notes are pure compounds, they contribute in nature to the taste of numerous food. They can be use either with traditionnal ingredients to make a nice pairing, either combined with other notes to create new tastes. Of course we could use these notes as we use spices but it would be even better to go further and use them in dishes where the consistency is created note by note. Each note is packed in a dark glass bottle for a perfect durability. The matrice containig the note is deodorised organic sunflower oil.

In their descriptions, three evocations comes with the notes. The first one is the main, the most caracteristic one. Those which follow are generaly more subtiles. In any case the product is a mix of several ingredients. A one note is present is numerous food and evokes them with different strength without reproducing them. A teaspoon in a 100g preparation can give enough taste. For mor subtility, this dosage can be reduced, or increased if the note is the heart of the dish.

Range for note by note cooking:
Pure notes are packaged in deodorized organic sunflower oil. They can be incorporated in any preparation to work one’s taste. Creams, egg preparations, ganaches, sauces, gels, mousses. To incorporate them into preparations from water, such as broths, it will need to emulsify the preparation to incorporate well into the water, or to use the alcohol version.

Range for note by note mixology
Pure notes are packaged in a mix ethanol – distilled water at 40 ° alcohol. This allows them to fit into any cocktail without diluting it. They can be used alone to work the taste of a rum, a gin, a whiskey or a particular creation. By adding Hertzon, a cut grass note will bring green and freshness while Copesca will tinge the cocktail creamy coconut tone. Others really surprising notes like Thian will allow access to another level of creation with potato and yeasts tones.