Recipe n°3

Cryopoached cloud

Notes: Tonka, Coch, Cocci
100% Caramelized fennel cream previously prepared
20% Fennel Broth clarified previously prepared
24% Fennel Milk previously prepared
0.40% Locust Bean Gum
1.6% Instagel
1% Glycerol
1.6% Albumin
1.0% Salt

Mix all substances with an immersion hand blender
Add notes in the proportions that suits you the most
Transfer to 1L siphon bottle through fine mesh sieve
Charge with two CO2 cartridges, shake well and let it set in the fridge 1h at 4°C
Prepare a cryobath
Take out the siphon from the fridge, shake well
Cool down a ladle spoon in the cryobath
Turn siphon upside down and carefully start to fill the ladle spoon
Wait 6 sec
Drop the foam with the ladle spoon into the cryobath
Move gently both sides during 12 sec
Serve immediately

Flose and Frum Gel

Notes: Flose, Frum
100% Grape juice clarified
0.15% Polyphenol
0.70% Gellan LM
0.30% Kappa Carrageenan
3.5 pH Tartic Acid
15 Brix Fructose

Mix everything except Kappa Carrageenan and Gellan LM with hand immersion blender
Transfer half of juice into pot and heat up to 80°C, add kappa and gellan LM
Mix with hand immersion blender until boiling
When starts to boil, move from the heat and add the rest of the juice while whisking
Pass through fine mesh sieve
Move air from solution with vacuum-sealed machine
Cut or mold on desire shape
Chill and serve

Note by note flan

Notes: Poppe, Carez, Silv, Coch
100% Tonka Bean Milk previously prepared
1.60% Iota Carrageenan
9% Dextrose
1.70% Maltodextrin
0.60% Salt
1.20% Isomalt
0.02% Black Colorant

Put substances into Termomix to 80°C on high speed for 2 minutes
Add the notes in the proportions that suits you the most
Pass through fine mesh sieve into a piston
Fill up desire molds or glass
Set in fridge 1h