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Prepare a sodium alginate bath

  • 100% Deionized Water
  • 0,5% Sodium Alginate
  1. Dissolve solution with immersion blender
  2. Strain
  3. Remove air from solution in a vacuum chamber
  4. Vacuum sealed into plastic vacuum bag
  5. Let the alginate hydrate for 12 h

Make the hemisphere

  • Notes: Chapre, Berthome, Amerise
  • 100% Clarified Goat Cheese Water (Previously prepared)
  • 0,50% Calcium Lactat
  • 1,50% Salt
  • 0,18% Xantan Gum
  • 1,2% Milk Powder
  • pH: 5.9 Lactic Acid
  1. Disperse substances and notes with immersion blender into goat cheese water. Adjust Chapre, Amerise and Berthome in the combinaison that suits you the most.
  2. Strain.
  3. Remove air from solution in a vacuum chamber.
  4. Fill up silicone hemisphere mold with solution and let it freeze 12h.
  5. Set Sodium Alginate bath to room temperature.
  6. Drop frozen hemisphere into alginate bath for 4 min.
  7. Gently remove sphere from alginate bath with slotted spoon.
  8. Rinse in a clear water bath.
  9. Place sphere in the plastic container filled with 50g of cheese water.
  10. Place the container in the fridge until serving.

Making the Hertzon and Copesca disc

  • Notes: Hertzon et Copesca
  • 100g Clarified Lime Juice Water (Previously prepared)
  • 5% Yuzu
  • 0,45% Locust Bean Gum
  • 0,25% Iota Carrageenan
  • 9 Brix Fructose
  • 0,02% Green colorant chorophylles-based (water soluble)
  • pH:2.5 Citric Acid
  1. Adjust juice acidity and brix.
  2. Heat in the saucepan 70g of this adjusted lime juice at 70°C
  3. Disperse substances and Notes with immersion blender
  4. Remove from heat
  5. Add the rest of the juice and mix with immersion blender
  6. Remove air bubbles in a vacuum chamber
  7. Pour on the silkpad
  8. Cool untill mixture is set.
  9. Cut in desired shape
  10. Put into plastic container then set in the fridge until serving.
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