Discovery box


This discovery box contains the 24 essential notes to start note by note cooking. The tones range from cheese to fruity, as well as notes of potato or smoke. They represent the palette that will allow you to give color to your dishes. The combinations are endless and you will certainly create tastes that have never existed before.

Every note is packaged in a 30mL bottle.

Amerise: almond, cherry, pistachio evocation
Baliqin: banana, candy, sweetness evocation
Berthome: cheese, tomato, egg evocation
Carez: brown caramel, jam, strawberry evocation
Chapre: goat cheese, leather, fatty evocation
Chole: mushroom, moss, undergrowth evocation
Conq: cucumber, green, water evocation
Cocci: tropical lemon, woody, cola evocation
Coch: hazelnut, grilled, herbaceous evocation
Copesca: coconut, milk, peach evocation
Ermel: caramel, butter, cream evocation
Flose: rose, flower, freshness evocation
Frum: rum, fruity, liquor evocation
Hertzon: cut grass, leaf, freshness evocation
Mapo: cocoa, vegetal, fruity evocation
Monka: tonka bean, vanilla, herbaceous evocation
Naha: pineapple, exotic fruit, banana evocation
Onium: garlic, onion, green evocation
Perqoi: pear, apple, fruity evocation
Piovo: bell pepper, nut, pea evocation
Poppé: popcorn, bread, grilled evocation
Sfumo: smoked, woody, bacon evocation
Silv: citrus, herbaceous, manguo evocation
Thian: raw potato, tomato, cheese evocation