Brown caramel, jam, strawberry evocation

On its first impression, Carez will unveil imposing nuances of brown caramel.  Its smell of caramelized sugar evokes a world of gourmet desserts. For finer palates, its sophisticated composition will reveal fruity secondary tones evoking strawberry or pineapple. Its sweetness, balanced by a certain potency, makes it an interesting note to integrate into your salty compositions.

Often used in the creation of perfumes, Carez is present naturally in many fruits. It is partly responsible for the smell of pineapple, tomato as well as buckwheat.  Carez is also found in other products such as beer, cocoa and oats.


Évocation amande, cerise, pistache

Weight 0.2 kg

100ml, 30ml


Huile, Alcool