Pierre Gagnaire

Pierre Gagnaire is one of the most influential world chefs. Over the years, he has opened numerous restaurants all over the world, all of which have become starred or multi-starred. Paris, London, Singapore, Honk Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, Las Vegas, Moscow, Berlin, Gordes, Bordeaux, Shanghai and Courchevel all have a Pierre Gagnaire restaurant. Pierre Gagnaire’s philosophy has always been to “put feelings and intelligence in [his] kitchen”. This course of action led him to delve into note by note cooking.

As a great friend of Hervé This, Pierre Gagnaire first discovered the scientist’s ideas and benefited from his advices. Since 2005, they meet regularly to explore note by note cooking and publish their inventions online. It is quite natural that in 2009, Pierre Gagnaire was the first chef in the world to serve a dish entirely designed note by note. It happened in his Honk Kong restaurant.


Premier plat note à note au monde créé par Pierre Gagnaire
Premier plat note à note au monde – Pierre Gagnaire


Pierre Gagnaire and Hervé This regularly organize conferences where it is possible to see the chef cooking and the teacher giving the basis of note by note cooking.

Pierre Gagnaire ‘s work