Recipe n°2

Note by note glaze

  • Notes: Mapo, Perqoi, Naha
  • 100% Cocoa Butter
  • 0.02% White colorant (liposoluble)
  1. Warm up cocoa butter to 55°C
  2. Add white colorant
  3. Add the notes in the proportion that suits you the most
  4. Mix with hand immersion blender
  5. Pass through fine sieve
  6. Remove the air from the solution in a vacuum chamber
  7. And Play

Note by note sponge

  • Notes: Cocci, Ermel, Chab
  • 100% Red grapefruit juice clarificated previously
  • 15% Lime Juice clarificated previously
  • 0.12% Xanthan Gum
  • 0.02% Orange colorant
  • 3.7% Bloom gelatin 160
  • 3.6 pH Citric Acid
  • 12 Brix Fructose
  1. Prepare an ice bath and a pastry mold at the desired shape
  2. Mix everything with an immersion hand blender except the bloom gelatin and the notes
  3. Warm up 20% of juice to 60°C, dissolve the bloom gelatin gently
  4. Remove from the heat and add the rest of juice while whisking
  5. Add the notes in the proportions that suits you the most
  6. Transfer the juice into a measuring jug of 1L
  7. Set measuring jug over the ice bath
  8. Start whisking with immersion hand whisk
  9. Whisk until you get stable-airy-foam
  10. Transfer to pastry bag
  11. Fill the pastry molds with the foam
  12. Transfer into the deep freezer for 4h
  13. Prepare the cryobath
  14. Warm up in pan Mapo glaze to 40°C
  15. Take out the mold from the freezer, take out the note by note sponges
  16. Insert a needle into the sponge and deep inside Note by Note glaze for 2 sec
  17. Then insert into cryobath 2 sec
  18. Repeat this process tree times,
  19. Transfer Note by Note glazed sponges into fridge
  20. Wait 1h before serving

Cherry with Notes

  • Notes: Amerise, Chole
  • 100% Cherry juice Clarificated previously
  • 0.26% Xanthan Gum
  • 3,6 pH Malic Acid
  • 16 Brix Fructose
  1. Add notes to cherry juice in the proportion that suits you the most
  2. Adjust acidity and sweetness with malic acid and fructose
  3. Add Xanthan gum and mix with immersion hand blender
  4. Strain through fine mesh sieve
  5. Remove air from solution in a vacuum chamber
  6. Vacuum pack seal and transfer to fridge before serving