Julien Binz

Julien Binz

After a long career with starred chefs, Julien Binz opened his own restaurant in Ammerschwihr in 2015, the restaurant JULIEN BINZ. His excellent cuisine will be rewarded with a Michelin star and 3 toques at the Gault et Millau. In 2018, Julien Binz, eager to challenge and explore new culinary regions, launched himself into the discovery of note by note cooking and, on February 28, 2018, he fully invested himself and produced the very first 100% note by note meal served in France, using the products provided by Iqemusu for the evocations.

During this meal, each dish has been built around an evocation, Julien Binz has managed to pass through the note by note cooking dishes that stimulate the imagination and appeal to our memories.



Evocation n°1 : Crunchy

Corn starch tile, Kroepoeck and Iqemusu evocation gel grilled rice / pop corn / sponge cake Iqemusu evocation hazelnut



Evocation n°2 : Voluptuous
Evocation Iqemusu beet sorbet, almond/cherry evocation cloud (Iqemusu Product: Amerise)



Evocation n°3 : Creamy
In the hull, in brouillade evocation Iqemusu cheese / egg, siphon truffle / underwood Fried: rehydrated egg white (evocation Iqemusu grilled rice) gel (Iqemusu fenugrec/curry), egg yolk (Iqemusu hay/céleri), grilled emulsion, crispy starch




Evocation n°4 : Melt-in-the-mouth
Vegetable protein from peas, smoke, cellulose carrot, veil of jelly (evocation Iqemusu roasted chicken), emulsion evocation Iqemusu mushroom/undergrowth, Toasted bread emulsion, protein croutons



Evocation n°5 : Aerial
Sugar tile/snow egg (evocation Iqemusu caramel/strawberry jam), coconut milk granite



Evocation n°6 : Chewy texture
Marshmallow (evocation Iqemusu cola-lemon), Ultimate candy, Macaroon (evocation Iqemusu cucumber/pine)