Hervé This

"Starting in 2012, in order to ensure the development of the cuisine from scratch, I started to promote the idea of ​​a restaurant entirely note by note, as there had been for the molecular cuisine, but companies were needed to sell the compounds of this new cuisine. I had great pleasure to see Michael Pontif create the company Iqemusu, that I help vigorously to diffuse its remarkable products. I add that I have no financial interest in it. And I very much hope that the company will prevail internationally, rewarding this position of pioneer "
hervé this
Hervé This
Physico-chimiste, Inventeur de la cuisine note à note

Hervé This is a French physico-chemist, gourmet and passionate about the study of food. His love of good cooking and understanding of the phenomena that governs it led him to invent a new scientific discipline in 1988: molecular gastronomy. This new science studies the physicochemical transformations of foods when they are cooked. From these studies came a new discipline, culinary this time around, the molecular cuisine. This cuisine uses the results of molecular gastronomy to work more precisely. Laboratory equipment such as thermoregulators or rotary evaporators came in the the kitchen to complete pots, ovens and whips. With these new techniques, dishes becomes more precise, the taste more neat and the textures better mastered.

Continuing his research in the laboratory, Hervé This asked in 1995 in the Scientic American revue the following question: why not using pure compounds in the kitchen? He invents the concept of cooking note by note to express the fact that we will assemble pure compounds to create new flavors and textures that never existed. The first tests of note by note dishes were first done privately in his personal kitchen and then publicly in the restaurant of his friend Pierre Gagnaire. In 2008, the first dish note by note was born. The experiments continue, and in 2012, Hervé This wrote the first book in the world on the subject “La cuisine note à note en douze questions souriantes”. Note by note cooking is then revealed to the general public and spread widely thank to the English translation of this book “Note by note cooking, the future of food”. This book discusses the basics, ambitions and cooking techniques of note by note. It is a very important source of knowledge for all those who want to learn and understand the cuisine of tomorrow.

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