Andrea Camastra

Andrea Camastra chef du restaurant Sense

Andrea Camastra is the chef Franco-Italian from the restaurant Senses (1 star) in Warsaw. With a creativity and imagination out of the ordinary, he has always worked with the most advanced techniques in cooking. In 2016, Hervé This, inventor of note by note cooking, ate in his restaurant and, admiring the quality and ingenuity of the dishes, told him about his invention and proposed him to become the world’s ambassador for this cuisine.

A few months later Andrea Camastra started working with Iqemusu where he found a panel of new tastes, allowing him to implement his most beautiful ideas. In September 2017, its restaurant is transformed into a note by note restaurant, all dishes are now built from pure compounds and Iqemusu notes are combined to produce tastes that can not be found anywhere else.