About us

Michael Pontif, former student at Chimie ParisTech, met Hervé This in 2014. After having studied for a long time while following his various online works, he decided to attend one of his classes. The project of making accessible the first pure compounds that can be used in note by note cooking becomes an obvious choice for him. At the end of his engineering studies, he decided to create Iqemusu in association with Hugo Servanin, a young graduate artist. This encounter between arts and sciences further increases the desire for a culinary revival, propelling them as standard bearers of note by note cooking. This innovative project is above all a creative and progressive philosophy, applied to the field of cooking.

Chef Sasa Hasic is a young talented chef with a twist: he knows his science. Explorer and chef, he composes new tastes thanks to note by note and finds his inspiration in art. Restaurant Senses in Warsaw was his last stop where he worked as a sensory chef, before becoming a team member of the Iqemusu proiect.

Iqemusu thanks Delphine Bourland, Etienne Laborie as well as the structure PSL-Pépite who largely contributed to gave birth to this project.

Société Iqemusu
43 bis Rue de la république
76490 Rives En Seine, France

Michaël PONTIF – Président

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